Bob Graham
Custom Gun Work of the Single-Action Revolver

Bob Graham in action
Bob Graham, a native Texan from Cut n' Shoot, has been competing in Fast Draw since 1959. He is the first man to ever achieve the record of four World Championships, and the only man to win a world title in three consecutive decades. Bob is now a resident of San Antonio, Texas.

Bob began working on single action revolvers in 1959, as there were no gunsmiths who could set up a S.A. for competition. Learning what was needed was an everyday experience. A fervent desire to excel made him an accomplished S.A. gunsmith as well as a World Champion. A competitor, artist, and inventor, Bob has designed and built Fast Draw guns for 40 plus years.

Recently Bob has designed a conversion to the Ruger Vaquero or Blackhawk New Model S.A. that makes the action the same as the old 3 screw model. There is no transfer bar, and safety, half-cock, and full-cock are restored. This improves the operating parts to stand up to the rigorous use of the fast action S.A. in competition. This will open up a new source of FAST DRAW and COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING firearms for top level competition. The Vaquero can now operate like the COLT FRONTIER MODEL S.A.. A patent has been applied for on this conversion.

Cowboy Fast Draw and Cowboy Action Gunsmithing
Tune up - smooth action, correct timing, adjust trigger pull $100.00
Deepen notches/touchup approaches on cylinder $35.00
Customize hammer for thumbing or fanning $75.00
Fit grips to backstrap $30.00
Convert 2 pin new model Ruger S.A. or Vaquero to function like the old 3 screw model with safety notch, half-cock, no sliding safety bar $175.00
Install mainspring stop for Ruger S.A.
(Adjust slack at full cock)
Convert Colt SA or Colt Clones to coil spring action
(More positive, smoother operation)

Fast Draw Gunsmithing
Old Model 3 screw or new model Vaquero converted to top of the line Fanner or Thumber, SS or nickel finish, aluminum sleeved barrel, .45 caliber, all mods necessary, meets WFDA specs.
Please see pictures below of Thumbing and Fanning guns
* $1695.00
Aluminum sleeved barrel installed $125.00
Cylinder bored to .45 cal $60.00
3 screw original hammers $60.00
Custom fanning or thumbing hammer / new supplier $125.00
Complete 22/38 S.A. Ruger, nickeled, sleeved aluminum barrel, competition ready. * $995.00
See Cowboy Action gunsmithing for other services and prices.
* - Deduct $400 if you supply the gun.

Shells for Wax Bullets
Shotgun primer cases, .45 or .38 caliber
(to fit recommended Cheddite 209 primers)
$15.00/set of 6 shells
Large pistol drop-out cases for practice .38 or .45 caliber $15.00/set of 6 shells
Wax bullets are used extensively in Fast Draw competition, and are also a great form of practice for Cowboy Action. They are cheap and easy to load, and you only need a few shells because you can load the wax bullets and primers on the shooting line. No loading tools are required. It only takes a minute or two between each round to be shooting again!

Inquire about practice timers.

Bob Graham Thumbing Fast Draw Gun
Please click picture to view larger image
Left: 3-screw Ruger Blackhawk .45 caliber. top of the line Fast Draw gun.

Bob Graham Fanning Fast Draw Gun
Please click picture to view larger image
Hammer of Fanning Fast Draw Gun
Above: Fanning Hammer Fast Draw gun with sleeved aluminum barrel. 3-screw Ruger Blackhawk old model, .45 caliber, steel cylinder, nickel steel & polished aluminum.

Custom Pen and Ink Portraits by Bob Graham

Bob Graham is also an accomplished Commercial Artist. Find out about the pen and ink portraits you can have custom made depicting you in your best shooting form.

For further information please contact Bob Graham at:


Phone: 210-907-0562
(Daytime or evening Texas time, thank you)

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